From L-R: Lydia, Obiageli, Kamsy, Chike and Trojan at the seed announcement shoot

Fastening the adoption of wallet payment in Africa

What we are about

We are creating an easy-to-integrate infrastructure for businesses that seek faster and more reliable payment experiences for themselves and their customers. Thepeer provides channels for businesses to allow their customers to make transfers, fund their accounts, and make payments on the same platform - without any hidden fees. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about creating easier payment methods across businesses. We achieve this by building easy-to-use solutions for customers and powerful APIs for developers to unite Africa, one business after the other.

Our core values - what
makes us special

  • Communication

    As a remote team, clear and effective communication is important to us at Thepeer. This enables us to collaborate as efficiently as possible and translate this trait into the way we communicate our key products and offerings to our customers.

  • Creativity

    At Thepeer we pride ourselves on being able to come up with innovative and creative solutions to our customers’ payment needs, therefore we foster a working environment where creativity is celebrated. All ideas are welcome here.

  • Customer focused

    Our customers are at the core of our operations. All our activities as a business are geared towards making the lives of our customers easier. From marketing, support, sales, and other services, we continuously work together to enhance client satisfaction.

  • Dedication

    We are a passionate team and we treat our work with utmost importance. At Thepeer, we seek to provide excellence in the products that we offer by taking ownership and being thoroughly ethical & professional with all tasks given.

  • Diversity

    At Thepeer, everyone is welcome. We are an inclusive and highly diverse team, and we welcome people from multiple backgrounds and accept all their individual differences with joy.

  • Empathy

    Empathy is very important to us at Thepeer. Building a solid infrastructure framework that will service multiple businesses would require that we work with the feelings and experiences of everyone. It is a core value we do not take lightly.