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kuda's logo

Thepeer enables customers pay using their Kuda wallet via their PayID

eden_life's logo

Eden Life customers use Thepeer to securely and instantly add top-up their wallet balance, and make payments at checkout

foodcourt's logo

Direct Charge by Thepeer makes it easy for FoodCourt’s customers to pay for items conveniently by using their wallets on other platforms

pocket's logo

Send money to your friends, make payments across your favorite vendors with your Pocket wallet, all powered by Thepeer

garmspot's logo

With Checkout by Thepeer, Garmspot customers can seamlessly shop for cutting-edge urban fashion pieces, enjoying the convenience of paying with their preferred wallets

smallchopsng's logo

We enable SmallChops NG to collect quick and easy payments from their customers using their wallets on platforms integrated with us

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chipper's logo

Chipper customers can utilize their wallets to make payments for goods and services via checkout and direct charge on various platforms, as well as transfer funds to their accounts with other businesses

eversend's logo

Eversend customers can use Thepeer to add funds to their wallets, receive money, and make purchases on e-commerce platforms that accept wallet payments

paga's logo

Customers of Paga can utilize their Paga wallets to make payments for items during checkout on various e-commerce platforms, and also top up their wallets on integrated businesses using our Direct Charge product

smileys's logo

Smileys uses Checkout by Thepeer to swiftly collect wallet payments from customers for purchased items

hingees's logo

We help Hingees collect payments from their customers easily through Checkout by Thepeer

getequity's logo

GetEquity customers can fund their wallets with Direct Charge from other wallets available on Thepeer and buy tokens for startup investments

healthtracka's logo

Healthtracka utilizes Thepeer's Checkout to enable their customers to quickly pay for a lab test

nguvu's logo

Nguvu health has integrated with Thepeer to enable their customers to receive payments from other wallets through Direct Charge

petra's logo

With Thepeer's Direct Charge, Petra facilitates swift payments for their services

bitsika's logo

Customers of Bitsika can both receive money and make payments for items shopped on e-commerce platforms that accept Thepeer as a form of payment

500_chow's logo

You can order your favorite foods from 500chow and pay using your preferred wallets, powered by Thepeer

flip's logo

Using Thepeer’s Direct Charge, Flip enables their customers to fund their wallets seamlessly with their wallets on other platforms in our ecosystem

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bloc's logo

We help bloc collect payments from their customers with ease through Checkout by Thepeer

pactpay's logo

Pactpay has integrated Direct Charge to enable their customers fund their Pactpay wallets easily through their other wallets on platforms integrated with Thepeer

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