Frequently asked

General questions

Thepeer powers transactions across people to send money across businesses quick and secure way to

What is Thepeer?

Thepeer can be used in applications that have integrated our SDKs

How can you use Thepeer?

Thepeer serves businesses and their customers.

Does Thepeer work for customers or businesses?

It is possible if your business has integrated Thepeer's Send or Direct Charge SDKs. We currently support NGN.

Do you power cross-border payments?

There are currently three products under Thepeer: Direct charge, Send & Checkout.

What products does Thepeer offer?

Our Direct Charge product enables users of apps to fund their wallets by charging another wallet, e.g. funding your Eversend wallet from your Chippercash wallet.

What is “Direct charge” by Thepeer?

Checkout currently supports just Naira currency

What currencies are supported on Checkout?

Business questions

Visit to sign up

How can I create an account on Thepeer as a business?

Please go through our documentation here, read and begin

How can we integrate?

You can get started for free here visit

How do I get started?

To know more about our pricing, visit

How much do you charge?

Yes, KYC documents are necessary for businesses to be fully operational on Thepeer

Is KYC necessary for businesses to operate on Thepeer?

Click on “forgot password” and follow instructions to reset your password

I lost my password to my account on Thepeer; what should I do?

To log in to your dashboard, please visit

How do I log in to my business dashboard on Thepeer?

User questions

Only businesses can create accounts on Thepeer

Can I create an account on Thepeer as a user?

Thepeer is accessible for you to use on apps that have integrated with us.

How can I use Thepeer?

Thepeer enables users to fund their wallets and pay for items they choose. Cards are not required.

Can I pay with a card on Thepeer?

No, we currently do not have an app for individuals.

Do you allow for in-app wallets?

There are currently three products under Thepeer: Direct charge, Send & Checkout.

My account has been charged, but I didn’t initiate the transaction

Charges can only be activated on a budget if the party has access to them. For help, please send an email to for further assistance.

What is “Direct charge” by Thepeer?